No: 2011-04-01 Līdz: 2013-12-30

Project leader: L. Novitsky (RTU, Division of Applied Computer Systems Software)

Project participants from DSTD: J.Grundspenkis, E. Lavendelis

Other project participants: RTU Department of Informatics and programming

Keywords: Intelligent Insurance Systems, Web Technologies, Multi-Agent Systems

Project goal: To apply intelligent agents, modelling and web technologies to implement intelligent insurance system that is capable to automate tasks of insurance domain

Type of project / project funding: ERDF project



No: 2010-12-01 Līdz: 2013-11-30

Project leader: J.Grundspenkis

Project participants from DSTD: A.Grabovskis, E.Lavendelis, A.Liekna, A.Nikitenko, I.Zeltmate

Other participants: Latvian Academy of Agriculture, —Terra Virtuala Ltd. (iRobot representative in Latvia) 

Project goal: To increase work efficiency and decrease the negative impact of the production process to the environment in the biological agriculture by developing technology of intelligent multi-agent robotic system. To put together advantages of multi-agent system and robotized platforms and practically apply them to particular problems, so creating technology that will significantly increase work efficiency in certain tasks of biological agriculture.

Type of project / project funding: ERDF project

Project web site: http://www.rtu.lv/content/view/5226/1867/lang,lv/


Pētījuma tēma: work based learning
No: 2010-10-01 Līdz: 2012-09-30

Agreement Nr.: Nr.510022-LLP-1-22010-1-UK-ERASMUS-ECUE

Project leader: V.Shitikov (RTU, Division of Applied Computer Systems Software)

Project participants from DSTD: V.Vinogradova, A.Anohina-Naumeca, S.Petrovica

Keywords: work based learning

Project goal: The aim of WBLQUAL is produce a more effective way of improving the skills and behaviours of work based employees, through the use of academic WBL programmes. By conducting extensive research into each of the 3 participants (HEI, Employer, Learner), within different academic institutions, across national barriers and in a range of employment sectors the project aim is to gain a deep understanding of the issues, incentives and barriers held by these three partners, and to use this understanding to formulate a tri-partite approach to WBL qualifications in the EU.

Type of project / project funding: LLP Erasmus

Project web site: http://www.wblqual.com


No: 2010-10-01 Līdz: 2012-09-30

Project leader: J.Grundspenkis

Project participants from DSTD: A.Anohina-Naumeca, A.Nikitenko

Other project participants: University of Tartu, Ventspils High Technology park, Tartu Science park, Latvian IT Cluster

Project goal: To increase access to ICT networks and solutions and to develop cross-border information flow, fostering development of joint innovative ICT solutions. In order to reach this aim the goals of establishing DC network (including Virtual DC),ensuring harmonisation of study opportunities and activity of encouraging local initiatives are implemented.

Type of project / project funding: Latvia-Estonia cross-border project / part-financed by ERDF

Project web site: http://www.estlat.eu/supported-projects/?project=33

No: 2010-01-01 Līdz: 2011-12-01

Project leader: Prof. J.Grundspenkis

Project participants from DSTD: Alla Anohina-Naumeca, Larisa Survilo, Ieva Zeltmate, Marks Vilkelis, Marite Kirikova, Peteris Rudzajs, Ilze Andersone

Other oarticipants: LIRMM UMR 5506 CNRS/Université Montpellier (Francija)

Keywords: web service, curricula comparison, concept map, conceptual tree

Project goal: To develop a methodology and to implement prototypes of web services for automated comparison, analysis and representation of curricula on the basis of conceptual trees and concept maps acquired from electronically available documents.

Type of project / project funding: The project of the program "Osmoze" of Latvian Ministry of Education and Science and Foreign Office of France